In the middle of nowhere,

Its been so long, I haven’t write anything but now it feels like I should.

I never thought of the days that I am living now. A long journey behind me, a lot of decisions, some of them right, some wrong. But where ever I am its because of my decisions. LUCK! seems like a big word but its not. Its all about the choices you made. I shouldn’t be here, but still I am.

Sometimes, we stick to our decision to that extent that we fear to leave. That is what I am dealing with. I made a decision, no problem. It turns out to be a bad decision, still no problem, it happens. You can’t always be right. But I stuck to that decision and now I am confused what to do. That is definitely a problem.

I should move one, we all should move on. That is the only way. Either you move forward or stay where you are. We should synchronize our lives with Time. Like time never stops, its in the nature of time, it continuously moving and changing. Simply, that is what we need to do. Keep moving, keep changing, never fear to change. Except the change, its obvious. I am about make a decision soon, and I hope it will turn out to be a good one, and if not, NO PROBLEM. 


My Departure....!

I still recall that day when I was having pictures with my batch mates and fellows as it was my last night at HOSTEL. I still don’t know that whether I was happy or sad but yes I was CONFUSED. Packing bags, meeting everyone for the last time, and the night is passing on smoothly. That night I slept with a feeling that I could never sleep again.

And finally the day came, my departure from hostel, from college, from friends, collectively I can say from Panipat. Akash and other mates were there with me to help in picking up my bags. We put all the bags into the car and I left with my Mom, Dad n Brother, waving to all those whom I might be seeing for the last time…..!

Life changed at that moment,,,itself.!

Life event

My Departure….!

Life event

Last day of my graduation

Last day of my graduation

It was the day that we all dreamed of and waited so long to come. No doubt it came with a lot of happiness, not exactly same but somewhat similar to what we all thought of. We all lived it with open hearts and also shared those last moments with all, also with them whom some of us didn’t like even to talk with.

A sweet pain was inside all of us and then I realized that actually from last few years we all were only waiting for this last day to come with a hope that it will never end, we all were fooling each other by our words that we will be happy while leaving.

It was all fake, we always wanted to just LIVE this last day but never desired……………..to LEAVE.!